For boat owners

If you own a boat or are planning to rent one, then our house is a perfect choice and here is why:

1) Directly in front of the house we have a pier, small harbour and also a buoy where your boat is safe even in case of the worst weather. Our bay "Gonar" is very well protected from the two most common winds in Northern Adriatic: "Jugo" and "Bura"

2) Gonar is one of the last places in island where there is no 6 KN speed limit. This means you can enjoy water-skiinig or rush of fast drive almost directly in front of the house; where in other places you should drive for a long time before you reach no-limit area. (Note: speeding less than 300m from the shore is forbidden everywhere!)

3) There is no extra charge for your boat, all costs are included in the price of apartment.

4) Within few minutes from the house are numerous bays, islands and riffs. We dare to say this is one of the most beautiful areas in whole Adriatic- a true nautical paradise

About boat-license

Every person operating engine-driven boat is required to hold a valid boat's license. If you don't have one, it can be easily obtained in island Rab. Course lasts less than a week and price of the course is very affordable. For more information we stand at your disposal